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Rachel Braten was born on October 5, 1988. Rachel Braten is the best.
New York Times sales author and yoga instructor behind
the success of a book called Yoga Girl, which has been sold worldwide.
Peace. Rachel Broten God and Instagram have a huge following,
2.1 million fans on the photo sharing app.

Rachel Braten moved to Costa Rica after graduating from Stockholm and
fell in love with yoga … Consequently, it was not at the time that she moved to Aruba in
in 2010, Rachel Braten began teaching yoga on a full-time basis. Rachel
Braten herself provides both online and personalized yoga classes that
there is also a website like Sup Yoga, a yoga method that is performed on

Her stunningly sensational looks make Rachel Braten sensually successful.
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one . Rachel Braten was born on October 5, 1988 and is now 31 years old.

2 . Rachel Braten is the New York Times best-selling yoga writer.
the teacher behind the successful book named the yoga girl who sold everything

3 . Rachel Braten’s blog and Instagram have a huge following of 2.1.
millions of loyal fans in the app called photo sharing.

4 . Rachel Braten’s mother’s name is Shama Persoon and she blogs.
about self-love and support.

five . Rachel Braten has a younger sister named Emely.

6 . Sister Rachel Braten married Dennis Schoneveld in 2014 and now
have a daughter named Luna.

7 … Rachel looks great in this photo as she poses with her on the beach
blonde hair touching the sand.

8 . In this black dress, the writer looks fabulous and charismatic.
highlights her neckline.

nine . This yoga instructor pose demonstrates her fitness and perfect
toned body.

ten . She looks bright and graceful in this yellow dress, like her sun-
Kissed skin makes it beautiful.

eleven . Rachel looks angelic in white and her smiles are stolen
hearts of fans.

12 . She is adorable in this colorful dress as her outfit showcases her.
beautiful and slender legs.

13 . In this image, the yoga instructor looks adorable in her swimsuit.
flaunts charming body lines.

14 . This shot shows Rachel’s strong and toned body in her pose.
highlights her tall fit legs.

fifteen . This shot is undoubtedly wonderful, as her bikini flaunts
its magnificent forms.

16 … This image shows how beautiful Rachel looks without makeup.
the skin has a natural glow.

17 . In this look, she is charming, because her charming smile captivates everyone.

18 . This shot of Rachel is iconic because of her playful, sweet personality.
radiating when she gracefully plays with the child.

19 . In this look, she looks gorgeous and attractive, just like her beauty.
the smile steals the focus of the image.

20 . The teacher is fascinated by this image as her decorations add
unique charm.

21 . This look is most likely a favorite of her fans as her smile and
the charismatic look exudes an aura of serenity.

Rachel Braten is a yoga expert from Aruba. Most of her clientele comes
from social networks … Her social media presence is so great that she was
named one of the most influential people in fitness on social media
category. She has a massive 2.1 million followers and that was
suggested she was asking for $ 25,000 for an Instagram post. Together
as a yoga instructor, she also hosts a successful podcast.
that it hit the iTunes chart.

The reason she earns twice as much as a personal instructor.
deserves, because it gives its customers the opportunity to fully see the changes
in her body when she is doing yoga. The serenity and radiance that her body reaches
available for everyone to see on her Instagram.