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German actress Lavinia Wilson is best known for her role as Helen in the film.
Hi Bunny and the role of Nina in the TV series Ander Eltern. Lavinia was
was born on March 8, 1980 in Munich, Germany. Her father is Neil Wilson. it
studied at the Hagen University.

She began her career at age 11 with the film Leise Schatten. … In 1992 g.
Lavinia starred in the movie ‘Soft Shadows’ … In 2000, the actress had a role
Teresa is no longer in the movie. She starred as Anna in the movie Free.
In 2012, she played Jutta Meisinger in the film ‘Because I
More beautiful.

In Out of the Box, Lavinia played Vanessa Kramer in 2015.
The actress became famous for playing the role of Helen in Helen’s film
2016. In 2020, she appeared as Britt in the film Nanny Grandma. Lavinia the first
appeared on television in 1993 with the television movie ‘Dance of Death’.

In the TV movie Bed and Breakfast, the actress played
the role of Zoe in 2000. She played the role of Dr. Nadia Heron in The
The last witness. In 2012, Lavinia played the role of Sabine Lange in the series.
Criminalist. The actress gained immense fame for her role as Nina in the film.
TV series by Andere Eltran in 2019.

In 2020, she played the role of Bridget Winkelmann in the TV series Germany 89.
Feb 2020 … Lavinia has starred in several television films, including Me or Who.
You, Blood Money, Last Beautiful Day, Curse of Lisa, Monogamy for Beginners, The
Wannsee Killer, First Time, etc.

Since 2001, she has been in a relationship with Barnaby Metshurat. She reached
Adolphe Grimme Prize, Audience Award, Best Young Actress Award, etc. Jessica
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