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presents Wheel of Fortune, a popular game show on NBC. Although she
starred in several TV series and films, this is her character as a letter
Turner on the show that brought her fame and fortune. From day one
host of the show, she had the right to charm the audience with her
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Over the course of several years the nation was swept by the Vannmania, so much so that people
began to name their babies after her. Although the obsession has receded to
to some extent she is still very visible and has become a fashion icon in her
Ownership. Today, Vanna perfumes and Vanna dolls are very popular with her.
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Besides being a popular TV presenter, she is a proud mother.
two who love to crochet and knit … Crochet is the art she learned
from her grandmother – her favorite pastime. Many of her crochet work
handed out as a gift. She also has a line of Lion Brand Vanna’s yarns.
Yarn selection. She even wrote an autobiography called Bathtub Says. Vanna
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Vanna White was born as Vanna Marie Rosich on February 18, 1957 in Conway.
South Carolina, USA. Hence, she was raised by her mother. Hannah is great
philanthropist too. Each year Vanna allocates a percentage of income from
Sale of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn to St. Jude Research Hospital. IN
In her private life, she married George Santo Pietro, the owner of the restaurant, on the 31st.
December 1990. The couple broke up 12 years later … Vanna White Sex Scenes
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In 2004 Vanna dedicated herself to Michael Kay in an important business.
man in southern California. However, they never got married, and
the engagement ended in 2006. At one time, the Bath was so famous that
the word ‘Wannamania’ was engraved to express the love she received from
she has millions of fans. In April 2006, she hosted a star on the Hollywood Walk.
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