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you can watch and just enjoy watching … Kaylee McEnany became
current White House spokesman after Mark Meadows replaced Mick
Mulvaney as White House chief of staff in April 2020.

In the immediate aftermath of her new role, McEnany defended Trump’s claim that
The World Health Organization has been biased against China and in turn put
American lives are at risk due to the repetition of inaccurate statements promoted by
China during the coronavirus pandemic and countering US life –
maintaining travel restrictions.

She defended POTUS, saying Trump’s advice to treat Covid-19 with
the introduction of disinfectants into the body was taken out of context … IN
The president later explained that the proposal was a sarcastic remark.

Makinani attended her first public press briefing on May 1, 2020.
The reporter asked her if she could make a promise never to lie to an American.
citizens from the indicated rostrum, to which Makinani replied that I will never lie
you . I give you my word.

Makinani also noted some controversy surrounding Trump.
She addressed Trump’s response to the pandemic situation, saying:
the president has always been on the side of data and alleged sexual
misconduct by saying that He always spoke the truth.

Makinani is married to Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Sean.
Gilmartin. In 2019, the couple had a daughter, who was named Blake. She has
risk of developing breast cancer due to the BRCA mutation … Makinani had
preventive double mastectomy in 2018.

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